Step 1 : USM has Gallery sub module under Collaboration module to manage Images. You can access the Collaboration module via menu bar found at right top of the application.

Step 2 : When you click on Collaboration Module , the following window will appear on your screen. 

Step 3 :  Click on Gallery Sub Module under Communication and Collaboration.

Before saving Gallery/Photo you have to configure Storage type. For configuration storage type you have go to Tenant Setting sub module under Settings Module. If you have not configured Storage type then an error will be shown. Please refer for more details.

Step 5 : When you configure Storage type then you can see Add Gallery button on the following screen.

Step 6 : Click Add New Gallery button to add details such as Title, Department, Course etc. And select Save.

Step 7 :  After saving, the following list will be show to your screen.

Step 8 : You can Modify & Delete this gallery via Action button such as Modify and  remove. 

Step 9 : To add Image in gallery click on Gallery Title, when you click on title, the following screen appears

Step 10 :  Click on Add Photo button in the above figure, a popup will appear on your screen, here you can add photo(s) via Browse button.

Step 11 : After saving photo(s), you can see all uploaded Photos & can also Download or Delete any Photo by selecting the options shown in the mentioned screen.