USM has various settings modules to manage basic settings which are mandatory for the USM application. All these basic settings will be available in Settings module. You can access the Settings module via menu bar found at right top of the application.

Step 1 :  Click on Settings tab in the dashboard shown in below figure.

Step 2 :  Click on Tenant Settings link on the left side navigation shown in below figure.

Step 3 :  In the above figure you can configure Storage Type & save a default Mobile number to receive SMS when sent bulk message to Employee/Students.

Step 4 : When you select Integrated Storage, all files will be with USM and will be chargeable as per space occupied. Please refer pricing policy for the space usage for file storage.

Or if you select Google Drive, You will have to authenticate your google account to store files/photos and any documents. In this mode,  files will be saved in your google drive.