A grading level is the grade and corresponding range of marks that a teacher can award when marking a student’s assignment, assessment or exam answer sheet. Grading level can be same for all classes/courses or may vary from other classes. School can setup grading and its range of marks as per board or school rules.

To setup grading in USM, please follow the below steps:

  1. At the top of your dashboard, click the module access icon > Examination > Grading Setup>  to open the Exam grading details list page.

         In this page school can see the grading levels of a class/batch. 

2)Select class and batch and click on Add New Grading to add grading levels for a particular class/batch.

3)Add as many grades by clicking on Add More Grades.

4)Finally, click on Save changes to save the grading level of a class/batch.

A student’s final overall percentage in an examination will be converted to a grade defined above based on range of a grade. USM examination system will first try to find the grading system of a student's class and calculate the grade based on his overall percentage. If the grading level of a student's class is not defined or not available, then the system will pick the "common" grading system.