The properties of the books in the library can be modifed/managed in USM via its Library Module, accessible from the Menu Bar on the top right of the screen.

Step 1. Click on the Library Module under the Menu Bar. 

Step 2. Select the books which you wish to manage, using the Filter By option. 

Step 3. After selecting the desired category, all the books in that category would appear on the screen, followed by three options. With the first option, i.e. View, you can see the properties of a particular book. With the second option, i.e. Remove, you will be able to delete the book from the library directory. With the third option, i.e. Modify, you will be able to change the properties of the book. 

Note : The Remove and Modify option are not accessible, if for some reason, the book is unavailable. 

Step 4. If you wish to change the properties of a particular book, click on the Modify option next to the book.

Step 5. After making the required changes, click on Save Changes at the bottom right of the dialog box.