The makers of USM have made sure the users do not face any issue while using USM. With constant efforts and sheer dedication the makers have made sure to eliminate all the problems linked to different aspects of an ERP.

No installation required

Unlike orthodox school management softwares there is no need to install USM by the clients. Thus the hassles related to installation are eliminated instantly. Also no extra manpower or time is required for the purpose.

No data loss

The makers have made sure that in any situation the data of the client is not lost. We have the back up of the data taken after every two hours and have adequate arrangements for any adverse contingency arising in future.

No server issues

The clients using USM do not have to worry about server issues. Its our task to arrange for the server and deal with any server issues.

No additional infrastructure required

 For using USM all the clients should have is a desktop with a good internet connection. No more equipment is required.