In USM, Exam type is a set of examination under which multiple exams can be created. For example, Periodic test is an exam type under which school can take multiple periodic tests. School can assign weightage to an exam type. While generating report card/marksheet, weightage of an exam type will be considered out of 100 and it will be calculated after considering the marks of all periodic test exams(school can define the rule, how to calculate the marks of an exam type based on multiple examinations of that type) under this Period test exam type. If two classes have different weightage of the same exam type, then you need to create two separate exam types with different weightage.

To define school types in USM, please follow the below steps:

  1. At the top of your dashboard, click the module access icon > Examination > Examination Type>  to open the Examination Types list page.

         In this page admin/examination helpdesk can see the list of examination types of the school/institution. User can see the previous session's              exam type by selecting the old batches.

     2. User can add new exam type by clicking on Add New Exam Type button. Once user clicks on that button, a pop up will be displayed to fill the exam type details.

3) In the exam type field, enter the name of exam type. Display label is the label which will be displayed in the marksheet or report card.

4)Display order is the order in which exams will be displayed in the report card.

5)Exam mode will be used to organize the examination in mode like Theory, practical or both.

6)Weightage is the weightage of marks that exam type.

7)Once user fills all the details, click on Save changes to save the exam type.